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Union Worx is a craft beer lover’s dream office.

If you LOVE craft beer, Union Worx Coworking is probably your dream office space and you didn’t even know it. Not only do we have complimentary cold beer on tap for our members. There are tons of great places within a short walk to grab a beer when you’re ready to celebrate a new client, big deal or just need one because it’s been that kind of day.

The Craft Beer scene has been going strong in North Texas for some time now. Nearly every town boasts a bar dedicated to craft beers, a place to fill a growler or a cool brewery. Downtown Arlington is no exception with two unique breweries, lots of bars featuring craft beers and a couple spots to fill up that growler with your favorite Pale Ale, Stout or Hefeweizen.

But, what Downtown Arlington has that most towns can’t offer is a beer scene that’s compacted into an area that is as walkable. So, with a little planning, some comfy walking shoes, a few bucks for tipping and a designated driver for the end of your journey. You can pour yourself a tall pilsner glass of handcrafted fun and adventure. Featuring two growlers spots, fourteen bars and restaurants, an arcade, and all bookended by two award-winning breweries of some of the best craft beer in Texas.

We offer our version of: “The Downtown Arlington’s Craft Beer Trail”

Stop 1:

Legal Draft Beer Co. - Just a literal hop, skip and jump away from our front door. Legal Draft has a solid core of brews always on tap and they’re usually experimenting with something new for the season in their taproom.

Stop 2:

Tipsy Oak – A new kid on the block, go check it out for the super cool patio, stay for the inventive menu that features craft beer inspired dishes and wash it all down with a beer list that includes craft brews from near and far.

Stop 3:

Grease Monkey - Great Bar with Bottles, Cans and Brews on Tap. Damn good burgers and live music. The Mesquite Streets side seats at the roll-up windows are some of the best seats for having a beer and watching the hustle & bustle of downtown.

Stop 4:

On Tap - No nonsense/no frills tap room with 50 taps offering pints, flights and growler fills.

Stop 5:

Mellow Mushroom - Peace, Love, Pizza and lots and lots of beers on tap.

Stop 6:

Old School Pizza & Suds - cozy pizza and beer joint that offers as many beers as it does types of pizza, the possibilities are endless. USMC owned & operated too.

Stop 7:

JR Bentley’s - The phoenix that arose from the ashes, better than before. Craft Beers on Draft, Cans and Bottles. Great Food, the Baron’s Burger is our fav.

Stop 8:

Twisted Root Burger Co. - The Deep Ellum Burger Palace’s Arlington home, unique Burgers and beers served from taps in the side of a funky cool RV.

Stop 9:

Hooligan’s Pub - A killer brew selection and the whole place is resplendent in rich woods that are almost too swanky for Abram Street.

Stop 10:

J Gilligan’s - The O.G. of Downtown Arlington pubs, Home of Irish Nachos has so much more than the green suds they’re famous for having at their St Pat’s Bash.

Stop 11:

Kool Keg - The one-time keg garage has grown into one of the very best craft beer growler lounges you’ll find anywhere.

Stop 12:

Free Play - Over 100 all you can play classic video games, with a beer list has something for even the beardiest of craft beer bros.

Stop 13:

Fuzzy’s - Tacos and a respectable selection of crafties to wet your whistle.

Stop 14:

Urban Alchemy - This is what your living room would feel like if you had your own brand of coffee, a friendly staff and multiple rotating taps of Craft Beer

Stop 15:

Mavericks - The best-hidden gem sports bar in all the Metroplex. Lots and lots of tears were washed down here after the Rangers choked in back to back world series’.

Stop 16:

Division Brewery – An intimate tap room, that feels less like the big-time brewery that is and more like your cool buddy’s garage, that just so happens to be a mad scientist beer maker. In addition to great beer most weekends live music from Division fills East Main St.

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